Problem Salved.

  Queensland has one of the highest levels of skin cancer in the world. One man, Bevan Potter, decided it was time to try a natural remedy handed down throughout the ages. Black Salve was a gift from mother earth, an ointment that would draw out ingrown hairs, splinters and damaged skin cells. When applied […]

Ian R Crane Goes Down Under.

IAN R CRANE¬†sure is a good bloke for a lunch date in Australia…. Janaya had the pleasure of spending time with Ian recently over an Aussie lunch of meat pies and cold beers in a Queensland koala park in Brisbane. He spoke about things that could blow a bikini girls mind but Janaya just took […]

Once Upon A Time In The West.

Global politics sure can be confusing if you get your news from the idiot box… Mainstream¬†news is dying as people switch off their TV sets in record numbers and turn to shows like Russia Today, Infowars and Aussie Beach TV. Thankfully, people such as Ian R Crane take their time out to speak to alternative […]

A Little X-Dream.

Dirty, Sweaty ladies are ready to hit the obstacle course for Aussie Beach TV! Bikini sports are a great way to keep fit and are also great for the optic nerve…. Here in Australia we have some of the fittest and hottest bikini athletes in the world and Aussie Beach TV are proud to support […]

Larry Pickering – Team Australia

Larry Pickering is an Aussie icon and supports Team Australia. When the Aussie Beach TV team got the phone call and invitation, they jumped in the Commodore and went to Larry’s place for a swim and a chat about Straya! The four time Walkley Award winning artist and activist is putting his support behind a […]