A Little X-Dream.

Dirty, Sweaty ladies are ready to hit the obstacle course for Aussie Beach TV! Bikini sports are a great way to keep fit and are also great for the optic nerve…. Here in Australia we have some of the fittest and hottest bikini athletes in the world and Aussie Beach TV are proud to support […]

Larry Pickering – Team Australia

Larry Pickering is an Aussie icon and supports Team Australia. When the Aussie Beach TV team got the phone call and invitation, they jumped in the Commodore and went to Larry’s place for a swim and a chat about Straya! The four time Walkley Award winning artist and activist is putting his support behind a […]

2014 Video Highlights.

2014 was a big year for Aussie Beach TV and here we have condensed it to under an hour…. That’s right a year of filming including all of our current affairs plus bikini sports in under 60 minutes edited by Oz TV Shows. Citizen Media is all about getting involved and making a difference so […]

Ian R Crane – Coal Seam Gas

Ian R Crane is a former big oil executive who is now speaking out against coal seam gas mining and the destructive process known as “fracking”.  When Ian R Crane came to Australia recently, the ABTV team met with him at a local koala park and ate meat pies and enjoyed a cold beer and […]

Battle Of Bentley

With the assistance of Craig Taplin from Aussie Soles, the ABTV crew traveled to Bentley, NSW to interview ‘protectors of the land’ and hear stories about their victory over the mining companies and state government. Arriving at the Bentley Blockade site, Kaeh Mate our intrepid bikini reporter was filled with positive energy and got straight […]