Schoolies 2015 – Message To Mum.

Surfers Paradise is where the “Schoolies” head to each summer to celebrate graduating high school and party till sunrise. Janaya and Grace bravely headed into the party zone to meet and greet the revellers and ask them if they had a message for their Mum’s at home.

Trip To The Crowhouse

Max Igan lives in paradise and is always happy to speak to a bikini reporter from Aussie Beach TV especially when it’s Kaeh Mate. Recently Kaeh and the ABTV crew spent the day with Max at his hideaway known as the Crowhouse and we played guitar, drank fruity smoothies and talked about world events. The […]

Blow My Whistle

In 2012, Sgt Rick Flori released CCTV camera footage from inside Surfers Paradise Police Station to the media. The footage exposed a violent bashing of 22 year old chef, Noa Begic at the hands of four QPS officers. Here in Australia we value good cops but what happens when good cops are punished for doing […]

Hook, Line and Sinker.

When it comes to alternative thinkers down under, it’s hard to ignore Max Igan from The Crowhouse. Max is a researcher and lecturer who generously donates his time to the girls from Aussie Beach TV when they show up on his doorstep…. False flag attacks are an age old technique used by the elite to […]

Citizen Media Takeover

Dejna James and the ABTV crew were invited to a broadcast of the Australian Roundtable Podcast in Brisbane, Queensland by hosts Johnno and Ethan recently. The mainstream media are slowly dying as consumers turn away from the television set and newspapers in the digital age. Here in Australia we have numerous citizen media operations and […]