Full Circle Project

In our first interview with Max Igan since 2012, Kaeh Mate asked about the “Full Circle Project” which Max has been working on for the last few years. In this video, Max explains how his project has become a full spectrum response to societies problems and has inspired many different people from all walks of […]

Aussie Beach Babes. Summer 2016.

Aussie Beach Babes is produced, filmed and edited by Christian Cremer and photographed by Craig Hutchinson, Darren Cameron, Tyler Conning and Ella Alitin. Follow our Instagram page dedicated to Aussie Beach Babes….     https://www.instagram.com/aussiebeachbabes_tv/    

Schoolies 2015 – Message To Mum.

Surfers Paradise is where the “Schoolies” head to each summer to celebrate graduating high school and party till sunrise. Janaya and Grace bravely headed into the party zone to meet and greet the revellers and ask them if they had a message for their Mum’s at home.

Trip To The Crowhouse

Max Igan lives in paradise and is always happy to speak to a bikini reporter from Aussie Beach TV especially when it’s Kaeh Mate. Recently Kaeh and the ABTV crew spent the day with Max at his hideaway known as the Crowhouse and we played guitar, drank fruity smoothies and talked about world events. The […]